Take a look at our Science week 2022 photos – this week children have been exploring and learning about science in practical ways with visits from the following:

Parents: Mrs McKenzie (baking – bread making and butter making) and Mr White (optics), then from the wider community – Dr Robinson (retired GP), Mr Small (metals), Mr Hesketh (compost/horticulture) and our oldest children had a visit to a distillery organised by our parent Mrs Barber. Thank you also to Mrs Shute, who brought in eggs in an incubator for our younger children to watch over time and see if any hatched – they did! 4 chicks hatched and the children in Yr 1/2 class even managed to see one chick breaking out of its shell in real time. They were mesmorized!

Our Year 5/6 children spent 3 sessions over the week delivering a circus of experiments to the other classes demonstrating simple experiments such as volcanoes and chromatography.

Children also took part in a Designer Flower Competition – here are our winners:

Here are a selection of our photos of Science week: