Admission Arrangements

The school has adopted and uses the Local Education Authority Admissions Policy; a full copy can always be viewed in the school office or via Dorset Council/School Admissions. Links to the ‘Apply for a school place’ can also be found here – for admission for the first time in Autumn term or for admission in-year for other year groups.

Dorset Council handle our school’s admissions appeal process. Details of their process can be found on their website page here:

The Reception children are admitted as a group in the Autumn term. During the term prior to your child starting, all parents will be invited to an induction evening, where they will have the opportunity to meet their child’s class teacher and ask any questions. The Reception teacher visits pre-school settings in the area. The Reception staff and local pre-schools work closely to develop links to ensure the child’s entry into school is as smooth as possible.

Any prospective parents are welcome to visit the school at any time with a prior appointment. Children can visit school with their parents and will also be invited to spend several afternoons in school when they will be able to meet their new class mates, the Reception staff and become familiar with the new school environment.

Transport is provided for all children of compulsory school age who live beyond the distances laid down by the Education Committee but within the catchment area. Details of the route and pickup points are available from the school. Further information on transport can be found here at Dorset Council.