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Due to Covid-19, no formal assessments were taken and therefore available for publishing for the 2019-2020, nor the 2020-21 academic year. The Department for Education (DfE) will not be publishing Key Stage 2 results for 2021-22 after the disruption caused by the pandemic.

2018-19 School results:

Broadwindsor School – Summary of Pupil Progress and Attainment

Summer 2019


EXP = pupils performing at the expected level

EXP+ = pupils performing at the expected level or above

GD = pupils performing at ‘Greater Depth’

EYFS – 11 Pupils

82% have achieved the good level of development (64% -2018)

72% achieved the good level of development nationally in 2019

Year 1- 15 Pupils

Phonics Screening Check

93% achieved the required standard in 2019 (82% nationally -2019)

66% achieved the required standard in 2018.

Year 2- 15 Pupils

 Broadwindsor (2019)Broadwindsor (2018) National (2018) Prior attainment of Cohort at EYFS   
Reading EXP +67%69%76%67%    

Year 6 (17 Pupils)

 Broadwindsor 2019Broadwindsor 2018National2019
Reading EXP +71%62%73%
Reading GD0%15%20%
Writing GD6%15%25%
Maths EXP+59%69%79%
Maths GD12%8%27%
Grammar, punctuation and spellingEXP+71%69%78%
Reading, Writing MathsEXP+47%46%65%
Reading, Writing MathsGD0%8%10%

Key Stage 1 to Key Stage 2


Progress from Key Stage 1 (Year 2) to Key Stage 2 (Year 6)

National progress scores for all pupils are zero (i.e. National Average is 0)

Broadwindsor Progress:

Reading: -3.13

Writing: -2.68

Maths: -3.33