SEND (Special Educational Needs)

Our children are treated as individuals. Great emphasis is placed on the importance of each child’s progress appropriate to their level of ability. Children may need additional support for a variety of reasons e.g. specific problems with literacy and/or numeracy, behaviour, medical and/or physical needs.

SEN support plans for pupils with Special Educational Needs are written by class teachers and monitored by the Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENCO). The SENCO is also responsible for the Annual Review of SEN statements and Education and Health Plans (EHC plans).

Pupils with Special Needs are targeted for small group and/or individual support and a range of strategies and resources are used. When appropriate, outside agencies are used to provide specialist support, advice and teaching. These services include the Educational Psychologist, the Special Educational Support Service, the Behaviour Support Team and the Speech & Language Therapist. Parental permission is always necessary before these additional services are contacted for advice.

Close liaison between the school and parents is essential. There are regular opportunities to share information and parental support is vital.Parents are always consulted and kept fully informed about their child’s special educational needs. Home/school links are very important to ensure clarity of understanding and high levels of co-operation.

Provision for those with physical disabilities:

The school welcomes pupils and visitors with physical disabilities. Disabled access to the school is provided by a ramp at the main entrance, however please note that, at present, wheelchair users may find some parts of the school inaccessible. This situation is kept under review and an Accessibility Plan has been drawn up (please see Policies).

You can also view Dorset Council’s SEND Local Offer for all information advice and support available to children and their families.

The school’s SEND Policy can be viewed via the ‘Policies’ link –

 Please also see our page – Dorset Council Family Information Service  for further support and links to the West Locality Team