Covid-19 Info

Parents can find documents on this page that give information, as we receive it, and subsequently updated, about the Covid-19 pandemic. School re-opened for all pupils in September 2020, and then again on the 8th March 2021 (after another period of lockdown), after much planning, assessment of risks and the mitigation of those risks. Photos below show how the classrooms have been adapted from September. This information will be uodated as Government guidance changes.

Public Health Dorset have sent up to date information for parents as we approach the end of term 2021. Please see the document at the bottom of the page.

This link – – goes to the Government guidance for parents, and once clicked through to that page, you will find up to date links to other guidance such as ‘Critical Workers and vulnerable children who can access schools and educational settings’ –

During periods of lockdown when only pupils of crticial workers and vulenrable children are able to access school on site, requests for a place for your child if you are a Critical Worker should be made in writing using the form at the bottom of this page and emailed to

Access to various documents related to school opening can be found at the bottom of the page. In addition, information to help parents decide whether to send their child to school or not, if they are feeling unwell, can be found directly HERE at Public Health Dorset.

Dorset School Transport information can be found HERE, which will be updated with any changes in guidance. Parents eligible for free school transport will have received a letter from Dorset Transport.