Covid-19 Info

Parents can find documents on this page that give information, as we receive it, and subsequently updated, about the Covid-19 pandemic. School continues to plan, to risk assess school operation and to mitigate those risks where possible. A Contingency Plan exists to plan and review actions according to the number of cases within school and to adjust actions and restrictions where necessary and where advised to do so by Public Health Dorset and Dorset Council.

Since 1st April, specific guidance for schools has been withdrawn as we all learn to live with Covid. The UKHSA (UK Health Security Agency) has provided information about dealing with respiratory infections including Covid-19. This can be found here –

Public Health Dorset also provides useful up to date information on infection including Coronavirus –
This includes links for mental health help, vaccinations etc.

Older information, not currently in operation:

During periods of lockdown when only pupils of crticial workers and vulenrable children are able to access school on site, requests for a place for your child if you are a Critical Worker should be made in writing using the form at the bottom of this page and emailed to

Dorset School Transport information can be found HERE, which will be updated with any changes in guidance. Parents eligible for free school transport will have received a letter from Dorset Transport.