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March 2021 - we're travelling to Tokyo! Well, virtually at least - to celebrate the rescheduled Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games, we've joined in with Get Set Tokyo to get active with their virtual Travel to Tokyo challenge - Team GB and ParalympicsGB’s free programme for children aged 5 to 11 and their families.

We're logging all our activity to build up miles on the journey to the Tokyo Olympics, taking place this year, in July.

Here's where children and their families can log their activity - School Dashboard



For our Harvest 2020, we joined forces with the Broadwindsor Church community to raise funds in aid of Tap Twinning - an organisation that helps to stop the spread of coronavirus in vulnerable communities across more than 35 countries so people have the information and resources they need to protect themselves through handwashing and good hygiene. Our donations helped to buy two taps - one each for a community in Nepal and Malawi.


IMG 0745 Small Tap Twinning



We took part in the Spring term Cross Country races in February and the Relay Race in March - very muddy but we were lucky enough to run on two of the few lovely sunny days we've had this term!

X Country Feb 2020 1 2  X Country Feb 2020 2 2 X Country Feb 2020 3 2 X Country Feb 2020 4 5 X Country Feb 2020 5 X Country Relay March 2020 1 2 X Country Relay March 2020 3 2


One of our school traditions is to decorate the Christmas tree with the children's school-made decorations. Thank you to Beaminster Christmas Trees for donating a wonderful tree and to the PTA for getting the lights and some of the decorations on, ahead of the assembly:

Christmas Tree Assembly 1 2 Christmas Tree Assembly 2 2 Christmas Tree Assembly 3 2 Christmas Tree Assembly 4 2 Christmas Tree Assembly 5 2


This Autumn term so far we have taken part in a Quicksticks tournament, attended the Bronze Ambassadors Sports Leaders day, had Footie 4 Dorset after school club, Tag Rugby Club, Multi Skills Club, Doodgeball Club, taken part in the Kenway Cup Football tournament and were winners of the West Dorset Netball Tournament. Here are some of our photos:


Netball 2019

Dodgeball Club 2 2 Dodgeball Club 1 2 Dodgeball Club 3 2 Dodgeball Club 5 2

IMG 0012 QS IMG 0039 QS IMG 0041 QS IMG 0006 QS IMG 0759 SpL IMG 0783 SpL IMG 0818 SpL IMG 0820 SpL IMG 0756 F4D IMG 0750 F4D IMG 0758 F4D IMG 0752 F4D IMG 1277 TR IMG 1278 TR IMG 1280 TR IMG 1503 MSk IMG 1502 MSk IMG 1500 MSk





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