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This Autumn term so far we have taken part in a Quicksticks tournament, attended the Bronze Ambassadors Sports Leaders day, had Footie 4 Dorset after school club, Tag Rugby Club, Multi Skills Club, taken part in the Kenway Cup Football tournament and were winners of the West Dorset Netball Tournament. Here are some of our photos:


Netball 2019


IMG 0012 QS IMG 0039 QS IMG 0041 QS IMG 0006 QS IMG 0759 SpL IMG 0783 SpL IMG 0818 SpL IMG 0820 SpL IMG 0756 F4D IMG 0750 F4D IMG 0758 F4D IMG 0752 F4D IMG 1277 TR IMG 1278 TR IMG 1280 TR IMG 1503 MSk IMG 1502 MSk IMG 1500 MSk


In the sunshine, the Year 5 pupils were able to do a bit of ICT work outside with Mr Harris - made a nice change!

P1060388 Phone P1060389 Phone P1060390 Phone P1060391 Phone

P1060392 Phone P1060393 Phone P1060394 Phone P1060396 Phone


Cross Country events Autumn 2018 and Spring term 2019:

 IMG 0419 IMG 0425 IMG 0426 IMG 0427

World Book Day in March saw everyone come to school dressed as their favourite character. We brought our favourite book to school to share with our friends:

IMG 0521 IMG 0523 IMG 0525 IMG 0530


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